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Look absolutely gorgeous in the luxurious Beatrice Oval Gemstone Drop Earrings. Featuring the regal beauty of an oval-shaped gemstone framed with dazzling cubic zirconia accents, these earrings provide eye-catching glamour for any occasion.

This high-quality 925 sterling silver is dipped in 22ct rose gold for a truly luxurious finish that won't fade over time. The pink Tourmaline focal stone offers a subtle but stunning hint of colour, while the white cubic zirconia accents around it will really make you sparkle day or night.

Pink tourmaline is a rare and precious gemstone known for its calming, soothing properties. It is said to bring inner peace and reduce fear, while encouraging love and self-confidence. As the birthstone of October, it has long been associated with courage and strength in difficult times. It is also believed to open the heart chakra, allowing for emotional healing and a greater understanding of love.

With a length of 3cm and width of 1.5 cm, each earring weighs 6.4 grams and is light enough to wear comfortably all day long – without compromising on style! Update your wardrobe with timeless elegance with the Beatrice Oval Gemstone Drop Earrings!

Beatrice Oval Rose Gold Gemstone Drop Earrings

SKU: f28d3dd0
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